Oiling System Components



Gauge Adapters

In-line Swivel Gauge Adapter

The in-line swivel gauge adapter can be used for any NPT1/8" short thread sending unit or probe that needs in-line access to oil supply.

AN female and male connections offer simple in-line installation, and NPT1/8" port accepts common sending units, thermal switches, and gauge probes.

Fully-clockable 360º after installation.

Also available as assembly with susa thermal switch to power 12V accessories.

PN Description
22-AN06AN06-NPT18 In-line Swivel Gauge Adapter, AN06 female to AN06 male, NPT1/8" port
22-AN08AN08-NPT18 In-line Swivel Gauge Adapter, AN08 female to AN08 male, NPT1/8" port
22-AN10AN10-NPT18 In-line Swivel Gauge Adapter, AN10 female to AN10 male, NPT1/8" port
22-AN12AN12-NPT18 In-line Swivel Gauge Adapter, AN12 female to AN12 male, NPT1/8" port



In-line Gauge Adapter

Install a thermal switch or temperature sending unit anywhere in the oil line with a sleek in-line adapter.

Provides port for installation of NPT1/8"-short thermal switch, temperature sending unit, or similar accessory. Male barbed hose ends are compatible with 3/8" (–6) hose.

Body design maximizes thermal transfer area and accommodates short-thread temperature sending units or thermal switches with least flow obstruction.


PN Description
22-PO3838-NPT18T In-line gauge adapter, 3/8" barbed hose ends with NPT 1/8" female port



Bushing Gauge Adapter

Install a thermal switch, temperature sending unit, or pressure sending unit in any M12 port.

Provides common NPT1/8" versatility for a variety of uses. Machined from aluminum and anodized black. Includes aluminum crush washer.


PN Description
22-M12NPT18 Bushing gauge adapter, M12 male with NPT1/8" female port