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ProLine Direct-Port Adapter System

Setrab pioneered the direct-port oil cooler fitting with the ProLine adapter system, offering a high-quality connection and unparalleled adaptability.

ProLine Adapter Fittings ProLine Banjo Fittings ProLine Port Adapters
ProLine Wiggins Adapters    


sūsa Hose Ends

Hose Ends Hose Finishers Hose Separators


sūsa Adapter Fittings

ProLine Adapter Fittings

ProLine Adapter Fittings ProLine Banjo Fittings


AN Adapters, Caps, Couplers, Unions, Reducers

AN Unions & Reducers AN Caps AN Bulkhead Fitting Assemblies


Hard Line Adapter Fittings

Hard Line AN Tube Adapters


BSP Adapter Fittings

BSP-AN Adapters


Metric Adapter Fittings

Metric-AN Adapters


National Pipe Adapter Fittings

NPS-AN Adapters NPT-AN Adapters NPT Plugs


ORB Fittings & Adapters

ORB-AN Adapters ORB Plugs


Port Adapter Fittings

In-line Gauge Adapters Bushings


Sealing: O-rings & Washers

Crush Washers Dowty Seals / Bonded Washers O-rings