Oiling System Components



sūsa Oil Circulation Pump

The sūsa oil circulation pump is a 12V positive displacement pump with no internal bypass. Typical applications are differential/gearbox cooling circuits.

This pump is self-priming to 5 feet and designed to circulate oil and water-based fluids.

Compact, lightweight, and durable, the sūsa oil circulation pump complements the entire range of sūsa differential/gearbox cooling components, creating a high-performance systems solution.


Ports 3/8" BSP P
Max. working pressure 50 psi
Max. working temp. tested to +250 ºF
Flow rate 1-2 gpm
Self priming 5 feet (wet gears)
Pump head Brass
Gears Bronze
Motor 12V with stainless shaft and
Floroelastomer lip seal
(meets IP-65 waterproof)

Available configurations:

Part no. Fitting size Filter included? Wt. (lb.) $ MSRP Instructions Data Sheet
17-311-00-0000 NONE NO 3.41 370.00    
17-311-06-0000 –6 NO 3.46 400.00
17-311-06-IF06 –6 YES 3.61 450.00    
17-311-08-0000 –8 NO 3.49 400.00
17-311-08-IF08 –8 YES 3.66 450.00    
17-311-10-0000 –10 NO 3.51 410.00
17-311-10-IF10 –10 YES 3.71 460.00    


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