Oiling System Components



sūsa Thermal Switches

Install directly in the oil line and provide an automatic switch to turn on electric fan or electric external differential/transmission pump.

Thermal Switch Assemblies

In-line thermal switch fitting assemblies include an AN-female to AN-male swivel adapter along with a thermal switch. Install on the hot side of a Setrab ProLine Fanpack to activate a fan or use temperature to activate a 12V powered accessory.

Installation instructions

Temperature AN Size Part Number
180ºF -6 31-TS180-06
-8 31-TS180-08
-10 31-TS180-10
-12 31-TS180-12
190ºF -6 31-TS190-06
-8 31-TS190-08
-10 31-TS190-10
-12 31-TS190-12
200ºF -6 31-TS200-06
-8 31-TS200-08
-10 31-TS200-10
-12 31-TS200-12

Thermal Switch Probes

Thermal switches can be installed in any NPT 1/8" pipe port to activate a 12V accessory at the prescribed temperature.

Temperature Probe size Part Number
180ºF NPT 1/8" TS180
190ºF NPT 1/8" TS190
200ºF NPT 1/8" TS200

Switch Technical Information

Switch Specifications
Contact type   Normally open
Action temp. Part # TS180 180.6ºF ± 3.6ºF
Part # TS190 189.6ºF ± 3.6ºF
Part # TS200 200.4ºF ± 3.6ºF
Auto reset temp. Part # TS180 165.6ºF ± 3.6ºF
Part # TS190 174.6ºF ± 3.6ºF
Part # TS200 185.4ºF ± 3.6ºF
Terminal size   Amp #250 tab
Circuit resistance   50mΩ max.
Insulation resistance   100MΩ min. at DC 500V
Dielectric strength   AC 1250V for one minute, or
AC 1800V for three seconds
Electrical rating   16A 250VAC\15A 125VAC
10A 250VAC (resistive load)
Operating life and approvals UL CUL 100,000 cycles: 15A 125VAC / 10A 250VAC
ENEC17 100,000 cycles: 15A 125VAC / 10A 250VAC
10,000 cycles: 16A 250VAC
CQC 10,000 cycles: 16A 250VAC
TUV 100,000 cycles: 16A 250VAC



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